Your membership supports specific retail research projects creating added value for your company.

As a Retail Lab Partner, you receive tailored benefits within three core areas helping you to align your company for the future.

Business networking has become more important than ever for companies in opening markets. Our events provide the framework for establishing business-relevant contacts in an international environment.

Researching relevant information within an increasingly complex stream of data is difficult for many companies and unnecessarily ties up productive resources. We support you in knowledge building and keep you up to date with the latest scientific and practical findings.

The rapidly changing business world requires continuous personal growth. We offer state-of-the-art learning platforms on currently relevant topics and contribute to the professional development of your highly qualified managers.

We highly value in-depth dialogue between leading scientists and innovative practitioners.


Conference Visits

At our renowned conferences, such as the HSG.Retail Tech Conference or the IRM.Startup Showcase, we discuss current topics and future developments with leading representatives from industry and retail. Get comprehensive insights on recent market events at these compact, one-day events and take advantage of the opportunity to talk to industry representatives.

Market-oriented insights on various hot topics aggregated for your company.


Studies and publications

We publish our research results in studies on clearly focused topics. You receive these studies and other current publications free of charge. These studies provide you with first-hand market insights adhering to the University of St.Gallen well-known quality standard.

Subscription on the Marketing Review St.Gallen

The interaction between theory and practice is at the forefront of this marketing journal published by the University of St.Gallen. As a thematic journal, the Marketing Review St.Gallen focuses on a specific topic in each issue, filled with innovative findings by leading scientists.

Continious education for you and your employees on a professional and personal level.


Research Workshops

In carefully designed workshops on various topics, we provide you with the tools you need to meet the unique requirements of retail management.

In one-day workshops, you learn new concepts in a small group of participants, which are discussed in groups and addressed in case studies. The mutual exchange of experiences triggers the generation of new innovative ideas. Interacting with like-minded managers gifts you with fresh input for your projects.

At the same time, your know-how influences our research activities. With a balanced composition of experts from different fields, we aim to realize high-level learning effects in a selected circle. By combining the jointly developed knowledge with the latest scientific findings, we thus infer new insights in relevant problem areas.

Digital learning platform REDx

Our mission is to offer excellent retail knowledge from industry experts within a high-quality learning experience. You benefit from various formats (i.e., videos, graphics, quizzes) and easy-to-understand learning content.

Our digital learning platform, REDx, offers you a unique opportunity to train many employees simultaneously in a flexible and high-quality manner.